The Pro-Democracy Podcast Coalition is a coordinated effort among some of the nation’s top podcasts and hosts who care about American democracy and want to use their platforms to help protect it.

A project of the nonpartisan good-government group RepresentUs, and coordinated by Jody Avirgan (Radiotopia, FiveThirtyEight, 30for30) the coalition is launching with a wide range of shows and expects to keep growing as more hop on board. These shows run the gamut in terms of format, subject matter, and demographic reach.

Participants include networks and studios such as Radiotopia from PRX, Talkhouse, Loudspeakers Network, Headgum, Pushkin Industries, Sonoro Media, LWC Studios, Crime Writers On, TrueHoop, RadioPoint, The Sporkful, HyperObject Industries; and prominent podcasters such as Peter Rosenberg, Hrishikesh Hirway, Chenjerai Kumanyika, Avery Trufelman, Jason Concepcion, Michael Hobbes, Dan Le Batard, and many more. If you are a podcast host, show, network, or platform and would like to participate, in any way, please fill out the form below.

By getting the word out about pressing issues, millions of listeners will have access to information and tools that will help them make a difference and take a stand for democracy.

The coalition is launching as threats to American democracy are escalating. States are disenfranchising their citizens, whether it’s through gerrymandering voting districts, passing laws that make it harder to cast a ballot, or restructuring the way they administer elections in order to circumvent the will of the people. And many of our leaders appear to be rejecting the concept of inclusive democracy altogether.

At a most basic level, we are at a moment where it is critical that every citizen understand — a democracy will not survive unless it is actively cultivated, and protected, through laws and norms and sustained public pressure.

Heading into 2024, we also realize that in addition to protecting our democracy, there are many efforts to actively *improve* our democracy and build towards free and fair elections for all.

Participants in the network have pledged to use their shows and other platforms to discuss these matters throughout 2024. This will involve four campaigns - winter, spring, summer, and fall -- featuring announcements produced by the coalition before their shows; talking about the key issues during their podcasts; and using social channels. Every campaign will refer to a website where listeners will be able to get informed and take action about pro-democracy issues, including anti-gerrymandering, election security, voting reform, and other initiatives. This will be done in coordination with RepresentUS, as they continue their digital campaigns and initiatives.

If you’d like to join this effort, or have any questions, please get in touch with Jody Avirgan using the form below.

And if you'd like to suggest to others that they join this effort, please feel free to send them this form!

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